Friday, January 6

a day worth remembering

what a fantastic evening at the park!

even though these kids know how to argue and have their feelings hurt, they still are the greatest of friends. all i had to say was that i wanted to get a picture of them together, and this is what they did:

(me and sophie's shadow)

this could be my favorite photo of the evening.
sophie and charlie were both so tired of walking all over the park and when i picked charlie up, ellie ran right over and grabbed soph's hand and it made sophie so happy she started to clap...with ellie's hand in hers. they walked all the way to the car and ellie kept saying things like "you're doin' it soph! i'm so proud for you!".

our first launch could not have been calculated any more precisely.
chris, being the rocketeer that he is, was able to launch this rocket 200-300 feet and then catch it without even standing up!


Larissa said...

Thanks for taking such good care of our grubs for us! You guys are the number #1 aunt and uncle for now!

Carolina said...

Aaaawww, look at those cousins! They are so lucky to have each other and live right next door! Someday, I'm sure they'll realize that. haha.

Steve and Donna said...

this is fun- our son in law Dan likes to do rockets too

Kandie said...

That was an awesome launch, I'm am so impressed!! I love Ellie's encouraging words to Sophie....she is such a sweetheart.