Thursday, January 26

sweet little babe

little ashton keith browne
joined bo and larissa's family last monday,
january 16th, at 34 weeks.
he was 5lbs 15 oz.
he is still in the NICU, growing growing growing!
these pictures were taken on the 16th and the 20th and I'm glad to say that his breathing tube is out and they are just waiting for him to eat from a bottle to bring him home. progress is good.

we love you sweet baby Ash and can't wait to shower you with hugs and loves!


Larissa said...

can I just paste this on my blog? Thank you for all of your support, I have the best family!

Steve and Donna said...

thanks- love seeing the pictures :)

Carolina said...

So exciting! Praying he gets to come home soon!!

Laine said... happy for your family. Nicole was born at 34 weeks and 4 lbs 8 oz....she was a trooper and was out of the NICU in 9 days. Prayers for baby Ash and his family.