Wednesday, December 28


chris had a three day weekend.
that was our christmas miracle.
it was probably the best weekend in, oh, maybe
two years!
because he had monday off we took grandpa's boat to new pass for some fun in the sun.
afterwards we went to the park with the carpenter family to shoot the rocket, which landed in the pond on our first launch. chris and jack went back on tuesday afternoon and were able to fish it out with a fishing rod.

it was a perfect family weekend!


Carrie said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great weekend! I loved hearing the kids voices! So cute. And I'm jealous you were able to go to the beach the day after Christmas!! We kept indoors.

Jacob said...

I'm jealous. I would like to be there now.

Kandie said...

OK....I just died laughing at charlie's video on his birthday. Holy cow I think I watched it 5 times, and laughed harder each time. He is by far my favorite little person to see on Sunday each week. All of your kids are studs and so stinkin funny!! You have the cutest blog and I love that I know you, and hopefully get to continue watching your family grow through the blogging world, after we move. I will miss working with you. *sigh* ok I will cut the sentiments. I'm glad we still have 2 months.