Friday, December 9

all aboard!!!

all aboard the 
 jack's school had a great movie night for families tonight.
we started out by eating cookies and hot chocolate and then the kids had to have their tickets punched by the conductor, Miss Luisa, to go watch the movie polar express.

they had so much fun and it was great to be able to get to know some of the other moms a little better.

right before the movie, the kids sang a couple songs that they had been practicing all week. unfortunately jack was in the back, but he knew all the words and actions and i was one of those silly beaming mom's that couldn't be prouder.

i love this picture of jack giving me a big grin!

doing the "reindeer pokey"

during the third week of school, miss luisa asked if i was aware that jack had a girlfriend.
this is ava,
 jack's girlfriend.

they are great little buddies and I'm glad that jack has a friend that he looks forward to seeing each day. every weekend jack tells me how much he misses ava. although he holds her hand and has even kissed her forehead, he has told me that a girlfriend is "just, like, someone you like to spend time with". and he's right. and i don't blame him for picking her, cause she's pretty darn cute and sweeter than most girls her age.

because dad was at work, 
the worlds best babysitting crew came and watched the charlie-man while went to the school party.
they said he was pretty good, but I'm not so sure...

...this boy sure knows how to get into some serious mischief!

speaking of mischief, 
skippy has been relatively quiet this week.
I'm hoping this is not a calm before a storm :)

except for the other morning, when the kids found him hanging from the chandelier with their 
all over the place!


Steve and Donna said...

wow- that's quite a creative elf :)

Larissa said...

What a naughty elf.
That polar express party looks like a good time, maybe I can talk Jack into singing the reindeer pokey for me

Kandie said...

I love all of your cute ideas. You are such a fun mom. I love that you made the drumstick headbands for Thanksgiving. AWESOME! Where do you find the time? I know after we move I will still be watching your blog.

Smith Family said...

I have that same nativity puzzle but mine is not painted. Who painted yours?! I'd love to get that done!

And my 'real' days are a lot like yours yet I don't usually blog about it all either.