Monday, December 12

the big blog theory

while talking to a friend this weekend about blogging, i realized that i have had this "post" swirling around in my head for a long time, but have never taken the time to write it.

i love to blog. 
i love that it's something that i can do on my own time, that doesn't involve our kids. 
of course, the majority of what i write is about them, 
but thats besides the point. 
i love being able to keep track of whats going on in our life without having to keep a journal or make messes with a scrapbook. 
i love that for mother's day each year i print off a copy of our past year and have it in a book.
the kids love to look at it and i love to look at it with them.

but the thing that i love most about blogging is that 
it's a place that i can record the things that i want to remember 30 years from now.

when i write, i'll occasionally throw in the random story of jack pooping his pants while camping or ellie pulling out her hair and eating it because thats how she copes with things (and... just because). 
but usually i try to only include things that i won't mind reading about and remembering in 30 years. 
the good things. 
the happy things. 
and i don't not tell those other stories because I'm embarrassed by my kids or even myself and how i handle things, because honestly thats always more embarrassing, but because i just don't want to remember our life like that. it's usually bad enough the first time, so why go through it again and again?
does that make sense? 
this blog could easily be filled up with how, for example, today i yelled, yes yelled, at ellie for destroying some receipts with a hole punch after being told not to do that very thing yesterday. and how she cried because i yelled at her and rather than giving her a hug i put her in time out. or how jack tries to see how long he can "t-rex" roar at ellie before she starts to scream, hit, and cry. and thats not just on a daily basis, but more like an hourly one. or the 20 minute full-blown leg-kicking, spit-flying tantrum that both jack and ellie threw after we told them we would not be waiting for 2 1/2 hours to see santa at bass pro shop. or how charlie rips the ornaments off our christmas tree 300 gazillion times a day and 300 gazillion times a day i wish i didn't have a dang christmas tree with dang ornaments and dang pine needles. or how everyday i think i can't take one more day of this whole school thing because i miss chris and the kids miss chris and i just want to have things be somewhat "normal" and end up taking my frustrations out on the very person who i should be showing love and support to during this whole thing by greeting him with an "i quit" rather than an "i love you" when he walks in the door. 
thats a pretty accurate description of most days around here.

thats why i like to blog.
thats why i write about the things i write about.
so maybe the title of this post would be more accurate as
MY big blog theory
 but i have a feeling a lot of people do the same thing,
 even if they don't realize it.


Carolina said...

Go Lisa! Yes, we all have MANY instances that we hope get glossed over in our memories. I love blogging to help keep a record too. My house certainly is far from perfect, But my blog is usually just about the good stuff for the same reasons you mentioned! It is funny that when we look back on life, we remember mostly positive things. My mom told me I never cried as a baby because she could anticipate all of my needs. Ha! Anyway, i think it is good to realize that life with children is never roses all the time- sometimes not even the majority of the time - but it is wonderful nonetheless and great to look back on happy memories.

Kandie said...

Blogging is a blessing and a curse for me. It's easy to get caught up in others blogs and think they are "perfect" and get down on myself, but I'm with you. Why would I want to write about and remember the negative, and nobody else does either. But I really did like your description of your day. I hope this doesn't make you feel bad, but it made me laugh, mostly because I can relate.

Larissa said...

ditto. so true. like the fact that I am sitting here taking a few minutes to fill out paperwork, read your blog etc, while Sophie is screaming because she won't take a nap and Ev is asking me over and over: "how long your done?"
and i had a terrible mom moment last night that i cant even bring myself to type, but i always feel better when i can read what someone else's real life is like because then i know i'm not alone

Laine said...

Amen! I have to admit, my blog does become a dump sometimes, but I'm okay with that, too. My joys and the fun things are as real as are the sorrows and the daily frustrations. I just choose to put more of the good into my blogbook than the bad, because I have a hope that my kids will remember more of the good than the bad (afterall, that is how I approach life). The best think about having your own blog is you make it what you want it to be. For me, blogging is mostly for me, so I do and say what I want. I share it because I know those that will actually read are those that most likely love me with all of my idiosyncrasies...and won't judge wrongly. Most likely they'll be more merciful in their judgments that I would be to myself. That's what friends are for! I love your blog in a really big way. I love your creativity and I love how deeply you love your family and life. I love the fact that you make a difference in my life despite the fact that I haven't seen you in years. Blogging is the best. :) Happy Day, my friend!

Amy said...

Thanks. I felt like I was reading my own story. Except the dinosaur rawrs...that doesn't happen around here...maybe it's from lack of boys, but there is lots of screaming,crying, and drama...not just from the kids.

P.S. I'm sending a package today, so hopefully it's there by Christmas.

Melissa said...

Just another reasone I love to read your blog! You always know what to say--even about the everyday frustrating things! I am learning to enjoy blogging. Thanks for the great example and for being honest. It's nice to know that your life isn't perfect either. (That may have sounded different than I meant it)

Carrie said...

Lisa!! I loved this. Thank you for your honesty. I do the same thing but I think every once in a while you just have to let loose and show the good, the bad, and the ugly! It's a part of life but you do a great job of focusing on the positive. Thanks for your example!! Some of those things later on will be goo memories, too haha.