Tuesday, December 27

it's been a year

(day 1)

(day 4)

i can't believe a year has passed.
charlie is one today. 
this sweet boy has taught me a thing or two about love in this short year. with jack and ellie, i learned really quickly that a mother's love is about endurance, patience,  and sticking with things even when they are hard and most of the time unenjoyable.
charlie has taught me about the softer side of love. about the snuggly, cuddly, squishy kind of love. the love that doesn't mind being woken up in the middle of the night for a feeding and kisses or changing another messy diaper and tickling wiggly toes.
i know i said this when charlie was born, but there truly is something special about him. i can't walk through the grocery store without at least one person saying that his smiles made their day. his happiness is contagious and for that i am grateful. i am so grateful for a loving heavenly father that blessed our family with this sweet boy. 
charlie loves loves loves his brother jack and his sister ellie.
nothing makes him happier than seeing them when he wakes up from a nap or takes a bath with them. he laughs so hard at their silly faces and funny voices.
and jack and ellie return that love equally.
we can't get enough of our little charlie man.
happy birthday baby!

(almost day 365)


Kersey Campbell said...

awww, I got teary reading this lease... happy birthday mini man!

Larissa said...

It's true, Bo and I were just saying the other day what a great little baby he is, even when he gets fussy (which is very seldom) you don't mind, you just want to find out what the matter is and help him. We agree, he certainly is one special little man!

Carrie said...

I was going to write exactly what went through my head as I was reading that, and then I saw Kersey's comment and it was exactly what I had said. Aww...I got teary-eyed reading this! Seriously! Maybe it's because we all have little amazing boys. I'm so glad he has been such a wonderful little child added to your family. Just seeing his smiles and hearing his laugh here on your blog has made me smile more than once!

Carolina said...

Number 1: how do you manage to look so fab after having a baby?!??
Number 2: I LOVE all of Charles's wrinkles in the shot where you are kissing his forehead.
Number 3: holy cow! One already?!?!? The year has flown. Happy birthday to the cutest one year old on earth!