Wednesday, December 28

ready to sumo?

larissa came up with a great theme for charlie's party. i know your thinking "a theme for a one year old's prty?!" but it fit so perfectly with our big "little" man:
a sumo wrestler party!
and when she offered to make the cake,
we were on board!

check out that leather thong...
fruit leather that is!
complete with vanilla bean buttercream- perfection!
all the kids wanted to touch the belly button, but how could you not?

it was a very practical  birthday.
because charlie doesn't need anything 
and christmas was just two days prior, we asked that no gifts be brought.
but those browne's just couldn't resist spoiling this little guy.
here's a quick rundown of his spoils:

206 diapers
12 gerber grabber food pouches (his fave)
3 packs of food puffs
2 puzzles
1 pair of shoes
1 bag o' blocks
and some cash for a BIG treat


we had several cute videos, but this one made chris laugh so hard that i decided to post it. i think this is the most aggressive/loud charlie has ever been. i suppose he's just trying to play the part of a sumo???

and what birthday would be complete without a magic show?

this is jack's


Kersey Campbell said...

hahaha, this is so hilariously perfect!

Carolina said...

That's awesome! Whoever came up with the sumo pictures was genius. Happy birthday big boy!!

Carrie said...

Hahahaha! Loved the video! Great idea Lari!

Kate said...

These are all such great posts and they make me so happy! Glad you guys had a nice Christmas, and Happy Birthday to Charlie!

Laine said...

Hi Lees! Love your blog!!!!!!! Oh I miss the Brownes.....*sigh* I'm so blessed to have rubbed shoulders with such an amazing group of people. thank you for sharing your life. Please send hugs all 'round from the Curry family.