Wednesday, December 28

the 24th

here is a run-down of our christmas eve festivities:

our 2nd annual christmas eve donut run to bennett's

aunt rikki was able to join in on the scrumptious action!

and since it is so close to bennetts we stopped at 
one of my favorite places on earth,
the thomas edison winter estate.
(which costs too much so we just hung out in the front, took pictures, enjoyed the banyan tree, had way too much fun with the statues of edison and his wife, mina, and paid $0)

so many great traditions have come from the brower side, including spaghetti dinner on christmas eve. the browne family loves it so much, they have adopted it.
so we ate dinner at my parents, grandpa read the account of Christ's birth in Luke 2, and grandma the night before christmas. seriously, there is something magical about reading those two stories on christmas eve. i can't help but feel giddy with anticipation and i love that the kids are old enough to really feel it too!

the big kids found this note on the toy room at grandma's that said,
"elves at work
do not enter!"
jack and ellie were so curious and wouldn't stop asking questions about the elves.
rikki caught ellie trying to sneak a peek and it made me smile.

next up,

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