Wednesday, December 28

quite possibly the best christmas of all time

what a great christmas
i loved that christmas fell on a sunday this year. 
it kept things in perspective and was a great reminder to the kids (and us) what christmas is really about.

ellie got a cinderella dress and shoes
(which are sprinkling our house with glitter. it's terrible! everywhere we go we look like we took a dive in a glitter bottle)

and jack received the nerf gun he wanted!
i love their sleepy-head reaction on christmas morning
...and the discovery that santa ate their cookies :)

nothing beats sittin' in your car,
 in nothing but socks,
 after a long morning at church. 
right, charlie?

chris' first prime rib.
followed by chris' homemade cheesecake.
it goes without saying that it was the tastiest christmas dinner in the history of all time.

we had such a nice afternoon with family.
that was the best gift of all.
cheesy, yes. but still true.

our family gift this year was 
a rocket
i think dad is having more fun with it than anyone!
we've already been out to launch it several times and the kids get more and more excited each time.

next up,
the day after christmas!
yes, there's more!


Carrie said...

It's nice living somewhere where you can go outside and play with all your new toys on Christmas morning! What a fun Christmas for you all with the kids being old enough to be really excited!

Larissa said...

"a nerf gun, nerf gun, the nerf gun I wanted!!!!" Santa certainly made Jack very happy. Ellie is still telling me everytime I see her how she got a new cinderella dress for Christmas