Friday, December 23

a week (or 2) in pics

book club

preschool christmas party

game night

jack's new talent

ugly christmas sweaters 
(that i embellished) 
(without chris' approval prior to wearing it to a shindig, ha!)

christmas gifts from grandma janie!!!
the kids used these towels as blankets until we could pry them out of their hands to wash them. now they are back to being used as blankets. 
they love them!

let's give it another try.

it works!

and the best news of the week:
little man is walking!


Katie said...

Such fun pictures!! Love the sweaters! :)
Not fair Mr. Charlie is walking - Brynn is not interested. I'd much rather she walk than crawl. Hopefully soon.
I hope you guys have a Very Merry Christmas!!

Carolina said...

Look at Charlie go! Holy cow!!! You'll have to tell me how many Mentos you ended up using. Looks like those little people had lots of fun experimenting!

Kersey Campbell said...

Love those chunky legs go! Miss you guys!

Carrie said...

Awe...I finally just watched that little video of the little chunky man walking! So stinkin cute.