Thursday, December 15

this girl

because both the older kids are at school this morning, and charlie is sleeping, and because i really really really don't feel like cleaning, i am catching up here.
i like mornings like this!

a while back i wrote a little thing about jack and thought it's about time i got around to writing one about ellie.

this girl is:
and giving me a run-for my money

this girl is:
and always curious

this girl is:
in charge,
and often in time-out

this girl is:
a kitchen helper,
a dishwasher,
a gentle little mama,
and my sweet cheeks.

i love this girl.


Kandie said...

I love that little girl too, and she is definitely sweet and spicy. She is so sweet to katelyn and I love that she draws me pictures. Today Bryce wanted to see your sweet girl and was happy you stopped by.

Carrie said...

Love that picture of her!