Monday, July 29

magic kingdom

magic kingdom was phenomenal!

except for all of the "can i PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get that" whines and the "that's my slushy, not yours!" fights and the humidity and the crowds and everything else that happens when traveling with three little people. 
but it really was a great day and by the time we left during the fireworks show at 10:30, we were utterly pooped!

charlie has a new love for mickey mouse. we immediately bought a mickey toy that he held the entire day and continues to love on. totally worth the $20. 

i was surprised at how much i enjoyed watching ellie meet the princesses. each one spends quite a bit of time with each little girl and talks with her and twirls her and gives hugs. it was very sweet. i hope those gals get paid enough...

pineapple dole whip ice cream while jack and daddy rode the big coasters. yum!

we waited in line at Pirates of the Caribbean for what felt like an eternity. then right as we were getting ready to board, they had to shut down for some technical difficulties. we decided to stay in line and wait. while we did, there was a group of asian tourists in front of us that took quite a liking to our kids and ended up taking pictures of them on their hello kitty covered phones and patting them on the head and laughing while speaking some other language. it was rather interesting.

this picture is excellent-
jack is loving every second of it and the family in front of him is clearly not!

jack screamed like a little girl :)

meeting merida was tons of fun. they had a bunch of stuff for the kids to do while we waited in line. we were the last ones in line before she took a break and she ended up spending a good amount of time with ellie and charlie. she played hide and seek with charlie all around her stage. then she told ellie a funny story about one time when cinderella tried to do her hair and the brush broke and got tangled up and lost in her hair. it was pretty cute.


we loved the tea cups and rode them a few times

ellie and i rode front row on a little kid roller coaster. it was probably the funniest minute of the trip...

this video was so awesome that we took a couple still shots from it and 
they. are. priceless.

if only she would open her mouth that wide when we are trying to floss.

charlie enjoyed his first coaster ride too!

the weather at animal kingdom was perfect. it was overcast and even though it rained in the afternoon, it stayed relatively cool. but magic kingdom was a scorcher! so grateful for the splash park

 we told the kids they could each buy a candy at the sweet shop while we waited for the electric parade and they could hardly stand waiting all day long for that candy!

each character waved at charlie and pretended to suck on their fingers just like he was during the parade, which made him smile.

13 1/2 hours at a theme park makes for one long day and a ton of fantastic memories!

i think we have started to realize why there are so many "dis-nerds" out there :) too bad it costs so stinkin' much to visit or else we would go back in a heartbeat... after a long nap of course :)


Steve and Donna said...

I loved the expressions on Ellie's face- half fear/half smiles and then the relief when the ride was over- like let's go do it again.

Kandie said...

I'm so happy to see you guys finally went. We LOVE magic kingdom. I think Steve and I love it as much as the kids. But of course both of our trips were perfect with great kids, so that makes a difference. I love your videos. We miss you guys, and I'm ready for another FL visit. GLad you had such a fab time!!