Wednesday, July 31

rest day

after all of our excitement, we needed a day to just hang out and have fun in orlando. we started out by visiting the temple.

i wish i could say it was a reverent, special experience, but these kids were wild and out of control. you win some, you lose some. hopefully we chalked up a few points for trying.

after that we went to airheads trampoline gym.
jack, charlie and chris loved loved loved it.

ellie- not so much.
this is what she looked like after 5 minutes:

and those of you that have been blessed with the opportunity to bring children into this world know exactly why i decided to opt out of the painful and torturous feeling that your bladder is going to blow and your insides fall out  fun, and take pictures.

we then went to downtown disney where charlie fell out of his stroller in front of a group of people. two bloody knees and a ton of crying later, he was just fine :)
(no he wasnt strapped in and yes we felt bad... but he had been riding around in that thing for three days without being strapped in and never once tried to jump out of it while we were walking. ok, i'll stop justifying now)

while there we visited the lego store.

the only toy/treat that we paid for on the trip was a small box of legos for each jack and ellie. other than that they paid for their own keepsake at disney and their treats during the parade with money they had saved up.

and found a big dino excavating play area

and visited with buzz

 we ended our last night by visiting bubbalou's bodacious bbq. 
it was lip-smackin' tasty!

all in all it was a great family vacation and we made memories that the kids will be able to look back on for a long, long time!


Larissa said...

been there, done that, with the jumping out of the stroller thing. It's not good, glad Charlie man was okay after a bit! And glad you all went to visit both temples ;) You know, the LDS one and the lego store.
okay, was that really bad? :)

Kandie said...

That BBQ looks YUM!! Glad Charlie is ok too. They (typically) only do that once. All of your kids are getting so HUGE and fun!! I love as my kids get older, I enjoy being around them and doing fun things. Looks like you all have a blast together. :)