Monday, July 8

He said She said (part 4)

it's time again for our annual kiddo questionnaire!
here are their responses from 20102011, and 2012 
these are their exact answers, without prompts from me.
(i answered charlie's for him)

Favorite food:
jack- sushi
ellie- tater tot casserole
charlie- "bush" (strawberries) and " gogo" (yogurt) and "ho' gogs" (hot dogs)

Favorite color:
jack- I have a whole bunch, but i'll just say orange
ellie- light blue-green (sea foam)
charlie- lightning mcqueen red

Favorite thing to do:
jack- fish. i like golfing too. it's sporty.
ellie- play games with my friends and painting. thats it. thats all i like doing.
charlie- be in the presence of baby ashton

Favorite movie:
jack- hmmm. hmmm. this is tough. How to train your dragon, but i really like turtle man (on tv).
ellie- cinderella and strawberry shortcake
charlie- despicable me and brave

Favorite thing to wear:
jack- underpanties. not really!! golf clothes
ellie- my new light green sweater with a striped shirt.
charlie- absolutely nothing. i enjoy feeling a breeze tickle my skin.

Least favorite thing to do:
jack- folding laundry
ellie- sitting and waiting around.
charlie- wake up early from a nap.

Favorite animal:
jack- peregrine falcon
ellie- horses and butterflies
charlie- fish

If you could be an animal, which would be:
jack- megalodon, but they're extinct, so that wont happen.
ellie- a horse. a white one with a brown mane and a white tail.
charlie- i already am an animal. a charliemander.

Favorite song:
jack- you know i dont like songs. (but he loves mumford and sons "i will wait" and cant help but dance to anything, including background music to tv shows and movies)
charlie- popcorn popping

Favorite treat:
jack- climbing a cliff. no no no, just joking! going golfing with dad.
ellie- sour taffy and sour patch kids
charlie- cheetos

Favorite book:
jack- tonight on the titanic
ellie- pinkalicious: princess of pink slumber party
charlie- The pigeon finds a hot dog

Which super hero would you be:
jack- definitely spidey
ellie- white tiger
charlie- lightning mcqueen KA-CHOW!

What instrument would you like to play:
jack- banjo. definitely.
ellie- a banjo, remember? you already knew that
charlie- who needs an instrument when i can scream louder than a banshee?!

If you were an adult, what would you do:
jack- base jump, underwater spearfishing, and wrestling.
ellie- i'd paint my own toenails and make my hair and put on make-up and plant flowers and build stuff, like a doghouse.
charlie- eat hotdogs and cheetos all day long.


melissa said...

that's so cute! I love their answers. I used to interview the girls on their birthdays, but haven't done it in forever. so fun!

carrie said...

Love this! And now, Jackson wants to type something......

u h rh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnfcccccccccccccccc vik;

I think it means he can't wait to play with you all! Love you guys!