Sunday, July 28


we decided we better take a trip this summer before school starts (in a week and half- holy smokes, how did that creep up so fast?!). chris took a break from work last week and we headed up to orlando. we started off our partying with a visit to the orlando science center. it was awesome! very kid-oriented and hands-on. we loved it.

charlie carried this skull around for quite awhile. what a weirdo.

i think our favorite part of the visit was the hurricane simulator. unfortunately blogger isnt letting me post any videos, but we caught a few funny clips of these guys getting blown around.

on tuesday we made our way to disney world's Animal Kingdom!
it was so awesome.... and packed!!!

 we kicked off the morning with a safari ride and saw a ton of animals. and if there is one thing that all three brower kids like (not to touch... but look at) it's animals!

this silver back gorilla was pretty darn close and stared everyone in the eyes. a little creepy. after staring down each person he turned around to walk away and little charlie burst out laughing and yelled "fuzzy BUM!"

speaking of charlie, how cute is he?!

we did get rained on, but luckily it didnt last too long. charlie wasnt so sure about the poncho, but we kept on truckin' despite the rain.

jack and ellie had never been on a roller coaster before, but chris and i thought they might as well go big or go home. so they rode expedition everest and this picture says it all:

jack was in love, ellie was scared beyond all reason, and chris was, well, chris.
(and no, that is not me in the polka dot shirt!)

these kids were troopers. they walked the whole time and hardly ever fought over the stroller. even the following day when we were at magic kingdom. charlie even walked for most of it because he has to be like the big kids.

even the tram is fun at disney world!

jack and i rode on everest again and even managed to snag the front seats... he's a roller coaster junkie now. im not sure where he gets it... :)

the kids were a little disappointed that animal kingdom didnt have more rides, even though i tried to tell them that before we went, but all in all, our first day at disney world was a great success!

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Amy said...

I can't stop laughing at Ellie's picture! That's awesome. Cute hair by the way.