Tuesday, January 14

bike ramps, bunk beds, and pedicures

look at that handsome fellow.

chris and jack made a bike ramp together.

jack is feeling like an awesome dare devil.

but he also has a soft side.
is there anything better than finding your kid reading?

we finally got a bunk bed for the boys and they are loving it.
ellie loves it too. she gets her own room and a queen size bed. i think i'd be pretty happy with that set up if i was almost 6 years old too.

jack and ellie both got straight A's this quarter. 
i was able to attend ellie's award ceremony last friday. 
not only did she get the "principle's straight A award", but also the "unusually good award". we thought that was unusual and good.

ellie gave me a pedicure last saturday.
its going to take a drill to get the glitter off.

 after 2 ½ weeks of the world's worst cold, we went to the doctors.

 charlie and i are both taking antibiotics and steroids and feeling SO MUCH BETTER. we are enjoying the little things like breathing out of our noses and swallowing without pain. its amazing.

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Larissa said...

what a funny name- the unusually good award- that is just funny! Glad you guys are feeling better and that bike ramp looks insane Jack!