Monday, January 27

you've got a friend in me

we have some wonderful friends in arkansas.

we had the smith girls over the other day and the kids came up with a great activity!
luckily the weather was warm over the weekend and they spent a couple hours in the backyard riding the skateboard down the ramp that chris made and through an empty box. they had an extremely good time and laughed nonstop. they laughed so much, in fact, that one of the six kids wet their pants. thats the sign of a truly wonderful time! and no, i won't name names :)

this is how charlie and brynn do it when the big kids are at school:

two weekends ago i joined this lovely group of ladies for a night away in paris!

that would be paris, arkansas. 
it was a blast! 
it was katie's birthday, so ben rented a cabin in mt magazine for us to spend friday evening and saturday. we spent our time away from kids hot tubbing, watching a horrible movie, eating and just hanging out. we even managed to surprise katie with an awesomely embarrassing cheer that we made just for her and each wore a shirt with her face on it hahaha! it was wonderful getting to know these girls better. 

this past weekend, chris met up with his buddy steve in branson for some manly time and fishing. steve and kandie live in kansas city, so branson is a pretty good half way point for our families. those two are such good friends and i know chris really enjoyed seeing steve again. 

we are blessed to have so many wonderful friends here!


Larissa said...

I want to see a pic of the t-shirts with Katie's face on them!

carrie said...

So glad you guys have great friends there! It makes a world of difference!