Tuesday, January 7


 our little charlie man is three!

he had a wonderful birthday and he couldn't believe he got more presents just two days after christmas. it was more than his little heart could handle, but somehow he managed!

he loved his blanket from grandma linda and snuggles with it every night. he even sniffs it and says "mmmm! gamma winda on my mcqueen blanket". 
it does smell like grandma and i have to admit, i snuggle up with it just to feel close to her. little does he know, grandma janie is making him a blanket too that actually does have mcqueen on it! he's going to have the sweetest dreams.

we went to a place here in fort smith called The Monkey House. its filled with huge bounce houses and an absolute blast for the kids... hence the fact that every picture we took was blurry- no standing still in a place that fun!

some of the bounce houses are set up like an obstacle course that you can race on and believe me, they are exhausting! chris and i got a workout.

for a few months charlie has been saying that he wanted mcqueen cupcakes for his birthday. easy peasy! then a couple weeks ago, while at sams, he said that he wanted to eat a hot dog and a soda at sams for his birthday. we laughed and figured he would change his mind or forget, but nope, thats what he wanted. easy peasy again!

he got a hot dog and his own soda!

and a mcqueen cupcake

we love this boy.
he makes us all happy.

a few days ago, my friend made a video of her little man's first birthday, who just happens to be born on the same day as our charlie, that was so adorable and i thought "i wish i could do that". 
well, why not?? 
it inspired me to figure out how to make our own movies. so, thank you carolina for helping me try something new! here's a video of our little charlie man's first three years.


Rikki Browne said...

Well, the tears started three seconds in and still haven't stopped. Thanks for making and sharing that adorable video. Your Aunt Rikki misses you, Charlie!!

Carolina said...

That video made me Geary, and then Sophie said 'oh, mama. I miss Ellie.' Haha. Break my heart! Your video was so perfect and shows how amazingly happy little Charlie is! My two favorites were his laugh on the roller coaster and his sleepy head bob on the airplane. Priceless!!! Happy birthday to Charlie!!

Larissa said...

so so sweet, especially those hospital videos, jack and ellie are still little babies! Happy B-day Charmander!

Melissa said...

Charlie has always been a ray of sunshine for me! His smile makes me so happy. I can't believe that baby is three already. Where does the time go? I miss you!