Tuesday, January 7

christmas crafts

the kids did a lot of crafts during december. all the typical ones that involve an insane amount of glitter, paint, and cotton balls. but one project that they helped me with was a gift for their school teachers and grandma janie. we decided to make little tote bags. they turned out adorable. 

this was our first time using freezer paper and paint, so we experimented on grandma's and quickly learned what NOT to do. the paint leaked a little bit here and there and the lines weren't as sharp as we would have liked.

the teacher's bags ended up a little neater with crisper lines.

this is the front

and then the back had the teacher's initial in a heart.

the kids made a card and wrote a heartfelt note inside and we attached it to a bottle of sparkling grape juice to put inside their bags.

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Rikki Browne said...

What the?! So cute!!