Tuesday, June 2

belate-late-late-lated birthday

this is the apron i made for kersey's birthday that was a few months ago. lucky for me, kersey has become very forgiving towards me over the years...we're goin on 17 plus years! holy crikey!
kerz has always loved movies and with that came quite a few favorite actors. so i put a couple of them on the front side of the apron. there is harrison ford, david duchovny, denzel washington, jerry lewis, and steve martin.
happy belated birthday kerz!!!


Kersey and Preston said...

thanks lease! I don't know if you have gotten my messages or my emails, but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE it! You have never ceased to amaze and ROCK MY WORLD! 17 years! Wowza!

Larissa said...

love the zany zebra print!

Rikki Browne said...

What can I say? I tell you what I can say, AND I'll say it "FREAKIN AWESOME. Well done, Lis"!