Tuesday, June 2

redneck jokes

i am a big fan of those "you know youre a redneck when..." jokes. my favorite is one everyone knows, but it goes like this: you know youre a redneck when you dont wear a shirt to work and neither does your husband! OUCH!!!! LOVE IT! well i have often times thought about changing it to "you know your a MOM when..." so here are a couple i thought of and i know all of you are way more creative then me so please feel free to leave one in the comment section!!!! (that includes all of you that arent moms yet...(aka rikki, carrie and alli)
You know you're a mom when...
-you reach into the diaper bag to grab your wallet only to find it cemented in place by melted fruit snacks.
-you find out you've had a saltine cracker stuck to your shoulder for an entire trip to office max.
-while driving in the car, you describe everything you see out loud even when you're by yourself.
-you think its ok to venture out in public because its only been 2 days since your last shower instead of 3.
ok, let the creativity flow!


Thompson Family said...

I still rock back and forth while standing still..... some habits are hard to break! :)Donna

Rikki Browne said...

Maybe I'm pulling a little from my own childhood with these...
- You taste something on your (or anyone else's for that matter) shirt to find out what it is
- Your purse has an odor of sour milk, cheerios, and puke... and you don't even notice it anymore
- You hear off in the distance "mommy, I need a wiiiipe"
- You have toilet paper in the car, in your purse, and coming out the back of your skirt at Barns and Noble (oh wait, you don't have to be a mom for that last one :))

Here's just a few, but I'll think of some more!

lisa said...

awesome, both of these comments sound WAY too familiar!

Amy said...

...when wiping boogers with your bare hands doesn't bother you.
...when you can translate "powee raysher rute nack" to be "Power Ranger Fruit Snack"

Laine said...

-you find yourself smelling another person's hind end. On purpose.