Sunday, June 14

the boys are back in town

my favorite boys made it home, safe and sound! here is a quick recap of what their trip entailed:
most important- they went to jdawgs! dont be fooled by the background of these pictures. they went to jdawgs and then took their hot dogs to "the hot dog king" and ate them there. why? because uncle desi wanted the foot long arizona dog. a hot dog wrapped in bacon, pastrami, chili and should be called the heart attack if you ask me! these pictures of jack made me cry because i was laughing so hard. what a ham!
chris and jack met our dear friends nate and lucy at jdawgs. lucy is AdOrAble!

at the idaho falls zoo

they surprised aunt alli at work in rexburg...yes that is a wal-mart badge you spotted ;)
jack and cousin jeffjacuzzi tub = fun
grandpa's 6? birthday celebration! happy birthday grandpa brower!!

waking up is hard to do...or is that breaking up?? oh well!
playing with cousins in utah
cute cousin taytum
jack and daddy at temple square
just being jack

grandpa's little bud

i am so proud that my little boy has taken after me with his ability to ROCK OUT! all he needs in this video is a strobe light, fog machine, maybe a few crowd surfers....oh yeah, and a song actually worth rocking out to!

jack didnt want to get out of his usual morning workouts...

yes, jdawgs truly has the best hot dogs in the universe and here's the proof

when they got home, one of the first things chris said was, "i think i gained about 10 pounds" so you know they had a wonderful trip!

tomorrow we are all headed to siesta key for a couple days...stayed tuned for some pictures!!


Rikki Browne said...

I've decided you better stop now and not have any more kids... how could they possibly get ANY CUTER?!?! Just kidding! Have as many as you'd like, and I'll continue to spoil them all :) Love you guys!

Julia and Sterling said...

J-Dawgs is the BEST EVER. I used to live right by there. The trick is to order your Polish, then go next door to the cookie place and get 6 day-olds for like a buck, then by the time you get back your polish is ready for the kraut. SO good.

Thompson Family said...

Hi- great pics- why didn't you go? I'm sure a good reason. Also not getting any sound on the videos- is it me? :)

Carrie said...

He's so cute!!! I can't believe how big he's getting, too! Looks like he had a lot of fun in Utah and Idaho! Kerz and I were craving J-dawgs on Saturday....however we resisted. Miss you guys!

Nate said...

We were so glad Chris called when he was in town. Lucy had a lot of fun playing with Jack. Lucy also loved her JDawg! :) YUMMY! We still want to come to Florida to see you guys. When we come we want to go to that SWEET park with the spinning cup. :) That looks amazing!