Thursday, June 18

fiesta in siesta!

we had a delightful time at Siesta Key this week. we decided to pimp our ride to try and fit in with the "cool" crowd...did it work? ok, actually we parked next to this car at burger king and couldnt pass up such a beautiful picture. chris gave me the camera and said, "i dont know if anyone is in there so take it discretely".
well as you can imagine the beach was BEAUTIFUL! the water was heavenly at 85 degrees. we took way too many pictures...and they all look the same as every other beach picture we have, so i'll spare you all.
we found a pretty good frozen custard place called "sweet berries". we hit it up twice the first day we were there. what??? we were on vacation.... and it was hot...and jack wanted it! it certainly didnt compare to my favorite place called nielsens in bountiful, but it was very very yummy!

while geocaching we found a SAWEEEEET park! it was amazing. everything at the park could spin...i LOVED it! oh yeah, and so did the kids. please dont mind the horrific tummy shot chris accidentally zooms in may have nightmares...thanks chris


all in all it was a wonderful trip. we will certainly be making it again in the future. although we cant decide if it would be more fun with or without the kids :)


Kersey and Preston said...

I have no idea what "tummy" shot you're talking about. But that park looks AWESOME! That's so great that you guys go on family vacations! The kids will always remember will you! Looked like a wicked fun trip! I'm actually a bit jealous...

oh and my verification word is: cutic

Thompson Family said...

your laugh is sooo cute Lisa! Tummy- what tummy? :)

Carrie said...

Hahaha! I couldn't help but laugh with you! Especially where you knock Jack over, haha!

Larissa said...

can bo and i borrow your ride for a date? did you lose it after your spinning?

Rikki Browne said...

I can only imagine what it's like to try and get out of one of those things after spinning a few times! It looked like you were almost to the laugh/cry stage... that would've been funny if Chris had caught that on camera : ) Can I be your nanny and come on fun trips too?!