Thursday, June 11

YAY!...wait, wha?!

load dishwasher- check
vaccuum- check
wash sheets- check
clean bathrooms- check
hide shopping receipts- check
todays the day! i have been counting down the hours until chris and jack come home from idaho. they have been gone a little over a week and i miss my men! ellie and i were just finishing mopping the floor when we heard the phone ring. it was chris! calling to say that they were waiting to board the plane and would see us soon! WRONG! it was chris calling to tell us their flight was CANCELLED!!! they cant catch another flight until tomorrow morning! i am still fuming about it because i was so looking forward to kissing jacks big chubby cheeks. i miss that little guy when we are apart!
while the boys were gone, ellie and i had a lot of fun. as much fun as you can have with a 16 month old with a cold i guess. we went to the park, shopped, sewed, made homemade lemonade, shopped, did some more little craft things, went for drives (chris isnt crazy about that, so i decided to go on a few of them while he was gone), shopped, did wedding prep, and ate a ton of junk! i wish i could say that with all that shopping we bought a ton of fun things, but we didnt. it was mostly just window shopping to get out of the house. i did however find the most comfy skirt in the entire world at jcrew for only 10 bucks! i snagged that real quick!

ellie decided that while jack was gone, she was going to perfect the tantrum! she's very good at it!

bo and layna came over for stir-fry on monday night and we made real, homemade lemonade. im not talkin' squeeze it, add some sugar and youre done. no way. im talkin' about making a simple syrup then adding fresh lemon and lime juice, letting it refrigerate for a few hours, then adding the water and ice...yeah, i know, the real deal people! that took planning and preparation, which i am not really known for!

we did enjoy our time together but it will be nice to have the boys home, even if it is a day later then planned :)


Thompson Family said...

sounds fun..... you should scrapbook- start while they're young! :)

Carrie said...

Sorry about that Lis! They should be there by now though, I hope! Love the picture of Ellie with the lemon. She looks so pretty!

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