Friday, October 23

ahoy all scalawags!

Happy 3rd Birthday Captain JACK!

my little man turned 3 today! this post is Colossal and has a gabillion pictures so you may want to just skim through this one... unless of course your little one was at the party and came home covered in chocolate, sand, and tattoos and you are curious why :)

any guesses on the theme???

the three year olds went on a boat ride to start the party off:

hahaha jack took a few "special" pictures today. we did tell him it was his special day, but he took it to a whole different level! this one is still making me laugh

then they all went on a treasure hunt to find all of the items needed to become a pirate and, of course, BOOTY!:

heres another winner!

catching fish in the "sea" to earn a tattoo and an ear ring

their last task was to find an X in the sand in order to earn their hooks and be able to search for the treasure

after all their hunting, the crew needed some nourishment. it was time for pizza and cake:

the 3 year olds received silly string as part of their treasure, but we didnt have time at the party to play with it. after ellie went down for a nap, jack and mommy played with silly string till our pointer fingers turned into nubs:

im not gonna lie and say "it feels like just yesterday i held jack in my arms for the first time", but it is incredible how much this little person has changed in such a short amount of time! i am still amazed at how much trust Heavenly Father has in us to raise these special little people.

happy birthday jackman! we love you so! thanks to everyone who helped make his day a special one!


Kersey said...

Happy happy birthday indeed! I'm so sorry the presents carrie and I got for jack haven't come yet. They haven't even been sent!! We'll get on that.

fantastic party lease! I am planning Elliott's and am oh so excited for it! The theme? Fun.

Katie said...

Wow, I sure missed out by going shopping instead of sticking around for the treasure hunt. My girls had so much fun. Thanks for making it such a great time for them.
Arrrr, matey!

Amy said...

How fun! I love the theme

Carrie said...

It looks like he had a fantastic birthday! Happy Birthday Jack!! And yes...Kersey and I will get on the sending of the gifts...oops!

Rikki Browne said...

Yay for Jack! I'm glad he had a good time at his party... wish I could've been there. Thanks for posting all the pics : )

Rikki Browne said...

I just got to watch the videos for the first time, and I'm glad I wasn't at work... I cried a bit. I guess that's not unusual. It was getting to see Jack blow out his candles himself for the first year. Silly, I know : )

The Osborns said...

That cake rocks!