Wednesday, October 7

SpOoKtacular students!

this morning for preschool we had jenna's little sister, dani, join us and we really got into the halloween spirit! we painted pumpkins and made creepy crawly cupcakes. i just had the itch to whip something up last night with my new mixer! so, totally unneeded, i used my mixer for a boxed cake mix and let the little ones go to town :)

dani is one of the CUTEST little girls i have ever seen... and she was well behaved too, not fair!
all work and no play. complete concentration...

alright, she had some fun mixed in there too!

ellie belly on the other hand can't concentrate for anything. she definitely used the most paint, but not on her pumpkin. she had other places to put it.

wow, nice composition jack. i think we may have a petite picasso here :)

this is what our cupcakes were supposed to look like
oh well, maybe next year!
at least we all had fun and i only had to call in back-up (meaning chris) twice throughout our halloween shenanigans!


Thompson Family said...

looked like you had creative fun. I used to do a preschool with my older kids and then later Joy School. :)

Kersey said...

that's awesome lease! you are such a W.A.M.! AND a W.A.T.! (Wicked Awesome Teacher!)