Tuesday, October 6

holy guacamolito!

this afternoon, while ellie was napping and jack was trying to stay out of mischief, i decided to organize my craft closet. this was a very scary undertaking. usually when i am done with a project (if i ever actually finish), i literally just throw my various tools/supplies back into the closet and move on to the next thing. so it was quite the project. about 3/4 of the way through this mighty project i received a phone call from chris, who was on a break at school. this was our convo:
chris: "what are you doing?"
me: "just cleaning out the craft closet! can you believe it?! its been.... (chris interrupts)"
chris: "have any packages come today"
me; "nope"
chris: "you sure?"
me: "positive"
chris "you sure? humor me and go check"
me: "fine, but i know no one has come by...wait, what are you waiting for anyways? what did you order this time?"
sure enough, there was a package. chris surprised me with an early gift for our 5th anniversary!

i am in heaven! needless to say, the 1/4 of the craft closet that i hadnt gotten to, was literally thrown back into place :)

last week i made 4 BIG cookie dough logs to put in the freezer because i had to return delayna's mixer to her this weekend. the recipe my family uses for chocolate chip cookies makes enough in one batch to cook up 3 dozen monster sized cookies. it takes a powerful machine to churn dough out like that! this puppy has got a 5qt mixing bowl, 350 watt motor, and this is my favorite part, 10-cup flour power! oh yeah baby! this is the cream of the crop! i smell tortillas and cookies in the near future....


Kersey and Preston said...

that's awesome! what a guy, what a guy! Congrats lease! and when you finish organizing your craft closet, maybe you can come out here and help me with all my craft stuff!! :/ No, no. You have inspired me. I am going to do it...TOMORROW! Have fun with your wicked awesome new blender!

Amy said...

Oh man...have Chris give Tyler a call. I was just telling him like 20 minutes ago how I want a mixer...lucky

Carrie said...

I just have to tell you when I was reading that story, I literally went, "Awe!!!!!" You've got a great husband. I'm glad he treats you so well because you deserve it! That's awesome, I hope you have lots of fun making stuff! And if...no not if...WHEN Kersey and I come out to Florida one day, we'll have some tortillas and cookies!!!

Thompson Family said...

cool and the color actually fits in with Fall. Glad you like to cook and I'm sure your hubby does too. :)

Jungle Mama said...

Ooh, it's so pretty! Your mixer is going to give my homely white one an inferiority complex!

Larissa said...