Saturday, October 17

pie pie pie!

in our attempt to be more social, we invited about 15 families to come over last night for pie. about 2/3 of those invited actually came and we had a grand ol' time! we had a total of 37 here to partay. our tiny house was filled to its maximum capacity, and thats how we like it! one of chris' school mates asked chris if he was going to make ribs to go along with the pie. that was MORE than enough of an invitation for chris. so yes, we had a party and served PIE & RIBS.... very random! but i think everyone enjoyed it, or at least we hope they did. we thought it would be fun to make this an annual get-together. october is the perfect time for pie because you haven't been pie-ed out yet from the holidays.
at one point i think there were even 3 more guys stuffed in my tiny kitchen. if only MY cooking could do that!

the kids had a concert in jack and ellie's room. they would all sit on the bed and take turns getting up to sing and dance.
jack snapped this pic of larissa and it was too cute not to post. he took several others, none of which were very flattering :)

all in all it was a great time! we had more pie than a circus would eat and ribs to fill the bellies of the entire elders quorum!


Thompson Family said...

what a novel idea! Would you tell Larissa that Bo invited me to their blog (ha) even tho' I'm sure he doesn't blog. :)

amyoungpriddis said...

We want to come to your rib and pie party next time! :) Seriously, one of these days we are going to be in Florida visiting you guys and it is going to be a BLAST! About the updating thing...I don't know what is going on. A lot of people told me that and so I did a little research. It looks like it is a glitch in the system and there isn't a fix.