Saturday, October 31

this week

this week we had preschool at our house. this months theme was transportation. we lucked out and got the week we learned about boats! we made paper boats and the kids got to decorate them. jack didnt care so much about decorating his boat, he just wanted to find out if it was sea worthy. as soon as we filled up the tub to have a race, the kids scooped up water in their boats, rather then sitting them on top of the water, and they were no longer able to float. oh well. we made new ones for them to take home and play with on their own. i am now a PRO at folding paper boats!

we also checked out this book from the library. jack and i really like it. i cried when i read it the first time, but im a big boob when it comes to childrens books. i think i read waaaay too into them. the art work was a little weak, but all in all i would recommend it.
we had our ward halloween party on wednesday night. i thought chris was going to be taking pictures since i was in charge of one of the activity booths, and he thought i was going to be taking pictures since he was chasing the kids. so needless to say, we didnt snap any photos of the night. but we all had a good time. ellie and everett were indian buddies and at the last minute, jack decided he wanted to be harry potter again instead of a pirate...that was fine by me... you can never have too much harry potter :) neither of the kids were very happy in their costumes so i dont think we will go trick or treating that bad?

this morning larissa and i took the 3 little magoos to the Fall Festival in san carlos. we payed 2 bucks each for them to jump in the bounce house, which we thought was outrageous. but the kids ended up playing in it for a very long time. i think we certainly got our moneys worth.

jack received a fire truck from his buddy jenna for his birthday. now he LOVES them and says he wants to drive one when hes older. he wanted to get a picture by the one we saw at the festival. if you can, click on this picture to enlarge it, ev is making such a silly smile!
they let jack sit in it and asked if he wanted to drive it. jack quickly said, "no. i want to get down".

while ellie is taking her nap, i have been letting jack eat a few pieces of halloween candy. today he picked a warhead. i dont think he will want anymore of them...


Rikki Browne said...

Even though I enjoyed this post A TON, I gotta admit, I'm a little (ok a lot) bummed to not see them in their costumes. I was really looking forward to it. I guess I'll have to check out the other blogs and see if anyone else snapped a pic of the elusive indians and harry! After watching that clip of Jack, he seemed more grown up than ever! Gotta love the little guy!

lisa said...

alright rik- i got the kids dressed up and we went trick-or-treating, ya happy? we are:) i cant believe i almost let halloween pass by without goin all out!

Carrie said...

Haha...just watching that video made my mouth start to water! Cute pictures! They are growing up fast!