Sunday, December 27

christmas RoCkiN' eve!

the leishman's, payne's, and smith's joined us for christmas eve this year. 8 adults and 8 kids. during our planning we titled it "christmas rockin' eve" but it probably should have been called "christmas gain 15 pounds eve". we had an appetizer table, chinese for dinner (complete with 10 pounds of sweet and sour chicken and 50 pounds of pork fried rice), and chocolate fondue for dessert! we also had a white elephant game for the kids and one for the adults. it definitely was a rockin' christmas celebration!

scott and amy were the lucky winners of this fabulous do rag and aaron was the recipient of some "as seen on tv" bumpits. we had a lot of laughs with these.

i think jack needs to learn a lesson in manners from jenna:
this was the only picture we got with the ladies because someone lost our camera part way through the night... i wonder who could have done that... ok, it was me, but i did eventually find it! i hope someone else got more pictures of the adults.
mmmmm chocolate
after the festivities, we got jammie-fied and went over to grandma and grandpa's to read the story of christ's birth and also attempt to recite the night before christmas, a tradition of my family.

there is a story behind these pj's.
we went to bass pro shops a couple weeks ago to see santa. when we got there, jack had wet his pants and ellie's diaper leaked. the odds of that happening any other time.... slim to none!
so, being kind people and not wanting santa to have a wet lap for the rest of the evening, we ran into bass pro, bought some matching union suits, changed out in the car, and headed back in to wait in a 1 hour line only to have ellie scream and hit when she was set on st. nick's lap. i love this time of year!
and yes, the jammies do have bum flaps :)

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Katie said...

No you did NOT!! I think I have a better pic of the three of us and you're NOT getting it until you ERASE that other one! HA HA HA At least you always get good pics of my girls and post them. So I guess that makes up for it! That was quite the Christmas Eve and thanks for hosting it. Ben and I can still taste those stuffed jalapenos (is that a good thing or a bad thing?) and are dying to have them again.