Sunday, December 27

a little christmas cheer

we went to a local outdoor mall (coconut point) to walk around and enjoy the cool christmas weather this week. the little ones loved the humungous trees they have set up on display.
ellie girl has been so attached to her pappa the past month or so. he is the first person she asks for in the morning and if she sees something cool all we hear is "daddy wook daddy wook" over and over and over! it is so sweet and chris has really enjoyed the attention :)

the best present i could have asked for this year was a potty trained jack. last year for christmas jack received some potty training supplies that quickly went into the closet and werent used until june. we have been working with this little guy since then. we tried everything, or so it seemed. the only thing that worked was to bribe him with a fishing pole from santa. we had tried this before, but from us, not santa, and it didnt help at all. oh well. im just glad to say 6 months later HE'S POTTY TRAINED! YAHOO! and we had nothing to do with it. some kids at our ward christmas party made fun of him for wearing diapers and then thats when he decided to grow up a little. so thank you, whoever you are, for making fun of my son! ellie has shown an interest in it and has had a few successful visits on the pot, but i dont think she really grasps the concept yet. all in due time.
this is what happens during family scripture time...i dont know if we are teaching them the right things...
sleepy heads and best buds...and weirdos...

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matchgirl said...

For some reason this post especially got me all choked up! I miss the brownes/browers! Hopefully we will see you soon!