Thursday, December 10

pajama jammie jam

we took some family pictures yesterday and i noticed a bunch of pictures on the camera that i had forgotten about. among them were these pictures from last month. we had jenna and dani come over for a pajama party. the kids ate popcorn, watched Mulan, played in a tent with flashlights, and danced to christmas music. they were in heaven!
"what are you lookin' at!"

i guess four kids in a little tent may not have been the smartest idea i've ever had

it wouldnt be a party with out a few handstands

and a few tumbles for that matter!

thanks dani and jenna for playing!


matchgirl said...

but WHERE are the family photos?!!!

Katie said...

Dani always makes the best facial expressions. They had a great time and Jenna is still talking about it. Thanks for watching them!

Laine said...

Love them Lisa! Thanks for your comment the other. It made my...YEAR! And that's not because I've had a bad year, it's just because, well, because. :)

Laine said...

Comment the other day is what I meant to say.