Sunday, December 27

let the wild rumpus start!

getting ready for christmas morning was SO MUCH FUN! after J and E went to bed on christmas eve, chris and i had a blast putting together a kitchen set for them from grandma and grandpa brower. we drank bubbly by the tree, opened a couple presents from each other, and went to bed exhausted in the wee hours of the morning filled with anticipation for the excitment to come! i really felt like a little kid again with butterflies and visions of sugarplums!

jack loves to pretend to cook. lately his favorite thing to cook is porridge (like the three little bears, of course!). he puts 6-12 golf balls in a bowl and stirs it up, pours it into cups, and serves it hot! we knew he and ellie would have a TON of fun with a kitchen set, and hopefully we will be eating a lot more than just porridge from now on!
ellie girl adores shoes and it looks like these ones have a little growing room

remember this picture from august back in amish country in ohio?
santa knows me well :)
i had to post this because of jack's smile. i havent ever seen him smile like this before and it makes me laugh when i see it. he is holding a masterpiece from cousin cade.
ellie carefully tucked her mulan barbie where she knew it would be safe
le creuset, thats all i can say is le creuset!!!!!!! YIKES! im excited!

some how santa knew we would be going to ma and pa browne's and he hid our stockings over there, also a browne tradition. he left the kids a note telling them that he and rudolph hid the stockings in the garage and jack thought this was great fun. then he wrapped grandpa up like a big present. what a sport!

when we were in ohio this summer, ellie found a toy at her cousins that she went NuTs over! i saw it at target and let my mom know about it for a christmas idea. she knew exactly what it was when she opened it and has carried it around with her everytime we've been at their house. you'd think chris and i like it because she has become quite the little alphabet scholar these past couple days, but really its just her cute little booty shakin' that we like the most!

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Laine said...

ahhh! what a great Christmas, eh? I love your pot. I have pot envy. :) Your kids are so adorable...great posts....Happy New Year to you! Love, Elaine