Wednesday, December 2

todays forecast: SNOW

our friend, katie smith, hooked us up with some snowflakes made of vinyl and we decorated the living room. the kids LOVE having "snow" in florida! if you would like to make your living room a winter wonderland, check out her website
the past couple weeks we have enjoyed having luke, a friend from our ward, join our preschool group. jack is enjoying having a male partner in crime immensely!

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. we enjoyed ours with friends and family and plenty of food and pie! this year i was reminded of all my blessings in a way i havent in the past. i have experienced more love for my family, in particular my children, then i ever have. i know families are forever. and for that i am grateful.

happy holidays!


Thompson Family said...

cool- like the new look! :)

Smith Family said...

You are indeed the next Martha Stewart. There is nothing you have done that I don't like. Help! Come my way someday. Melanie

The Lancaster Crew said...

Lisa you are so cute! Everything you do always looks perfect! Luke is really enjoying preschool and playing with Jack...all he talks about is Jack Jack Jack..(and occasionally he says how he has to cover his ears when Ellie We will have to get the boys together soon!

Carolina said...

I love your house! It looks so great with the decorations :D And I had no idea you were such a seamstress. Those aprons are awesome!!

Laine said...

Hi Lisa! I love checking in on your blog. You are so funny, creative, talented and many other things that would take too long to list here. Merry Christmas. Love, elaine