Wednesday, October 24

Jack turns 6 at DONUT FEST 2012!

our brother-in-law, jacob, has a family tradition of making homemade donuts and apple cider during the fall 
and by golly, we wanted to join in the fun!
jacob made donuts and i glazed them with regular glaze, chocolate, and maple icing. they were oh so soft and tasty. 
we combined this party with a celebration for jack's 6th birthday.

this awesome 6 year old was out of his mind excited about receiving pogs from alli and jacob. i couldnt be more proud. i was obsessed with pogs in 4th grade and would take them to school and have competitions with the boys after lunch. i have found jack organizing his pogs each morning before school and it makes me smile.

he was given so many incredible gifts, including a skim board, a bass fishing trip (his dream!), binoculars from dad, books, a ninja turtle shirt, a star wars shirt, moolah, a hawkeye toy and a leonardo ninja turtle.

i love this boy.

he invited me to have lunch with him at school and i thought i better take advantage of this stage where he still thinks im somewhat cool. before school, he splashed himself with some brute aftershave and asked me to wear something "kinda fancy" when i met him for lunch. he is hilarious. and he's growing his hair out to be like the middle school boys that "shake their head to get their bangs outta their eyes".

happy birthday to the greatest 6 year old i have ever known!

and just a few random pics of some other cute faces i get to see often.


Carolina said...

Wow jack! Happy birthday! Those donuts look amazing, and I think that is the greatest tradition ever. I may need to get the recipe from Jacob :-)

Amy said...

Brute after shave huh? Did jack learn his women wooing skills from Chris? I love it! I think I might need that donut recipe!

Rikki Browne said...

That last pic of Al and Ash is... amazing. Im so glad you have it on here for us to enjoy for years to come. Happy Birthday Jack! You're the coolest 6 year old I know :)

Julia and Sterling said...

mmm...I might have to go get some donuts now! Those looked awesome!

Larissa said...

That is too funny: aftershave and growing his bangs out like the middle school boys. He is growing up way way too much!!! Happy B-day Jack, let's have crispy homemade donuts for your birthday every year!

Steve and Donna said...

I hate to ask- but what is a pog?

Rachael Garner said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Jack! I can't believe you played with pogs too. haha! I had so many and played on the playground too. I got pretty good....this is almost embarassing. Ahhhh, the good old days.