Wednesday, October 10

sweet stuff

elder mikey feliciano returned home from nicaragua last thursday!
we've known mikey since he was a babe and chris was able to be his young men's president for a little while (the first time he was YM president). we are so proud of him and cant wait to see the amazing things he'll accomplish! he's headed to BYU-I, so you know he'll be extraordinary ;)

 i love this picture.
like father like son.

lila, mikey's mama, asked me to make cupcakes for his homecoming.

ellie helped make some caramel apples for a halloween party.
she is a great baker/chef/scientist in the kitchen.
it's frustrating for me at times because i like to be in control when cooking (aka no messes or sticky fingers), but im glad she can look past that and enjoy being there by my side. cause i'm certainly grateful to have my mostly sweet girl with me.

we had a great variety: 
m&m, apple pie, toffee, plain chocolate, and good ol' caramel.
very tasty. 
except i tried a new type of apples that were terrible, which definitely tainted the yumminess factor.

a few random pics from the past few weeks:

ellie in the kitchen again, making cornbread i think.

charlie and louie, watching thomas the train while wearing soccer cleats.

saturday morning run to trackside donuts, 
then to the park to eat and play.

fritters the size of jack's noggin.

special lunch date after school with mama to panera for mac n' cheese.

a morning ride.

and charlie being charlie.


Julia and Sterling said...

I can't believe how big the kids are! Especially Charlie...I think he should still be a baby!

Carolina said...

Great pics of mikey!! I'm glad you shared those. We need to do an after school lunch date with our girls!!

Larissa said...

That "Charlie being Charlie" makes me laugh.