Wednesday, October 17

last saturday

alli and jacob put together a family garage sale this past weekend, 
which is always a grand time

this weekend:
we are going camping and mountain biking!
yeah, you read that right. mountain biking. in florida!
my dad found a campground that has an awesome, man-built, mountain bike trail.
im sure we will have some great stories, pictures, and bruises from all the fun.
along with camping, we will also be celebrating our anniversary, jack will turn 6, and we are having a donut and apple cider party all in the next 6 days. whew, what an insane month this has been!


Larissa said...

I would go insane if that was my schedule!!! Wait, uh...
Can't wait for an awesome weekend!

melissa said...

I'm jealous your going camping! Happy anniversary, happy birthday Jack! Have a fun weekend camping and biking!