Monday, October 1

who what where when why & how

Who: the Brower Clan
What: ice blocking
Where: Estero Park
When: today, October 1st. 4pm.
Why: to live on the edge.
(ok, maybe it was a good activity for family home evening)
((ok, ok, maybe chris needed to test out his idea for wednesday evening's youth activity, but we didnt mind being the guinea pigs))
How: gliding down the only hill in southwest florida at high speeds on a block of ice that was purchased at a bait shop on the beach.
then ice cream cones to seal the deal.

we watched these videos on the big tv tonight and the kids LOVED seeing their expressions.

not too many people get to ice block in shorts and have ice cream cones afterwards! we all had such a great time with this activity and ellie said it was her favorite thing to do ever.

Who: Charlie's Alien
What: a growing alien
Where: in the kitchen
When: Sunday, September 23rd- Monday October 1st.
Why: because grandpa brought it back for charlie from Devil's Tower, Wyoming.
and the package said it would grow 600%.... so why not?
How: put it in H2O and watch it grow grow grow! 

it started at 3 1/2" and grew to 10 1/2". not bad.
we took it out today because i need my counter space back and it's neck was getting weak and disturbingly floppy.

Who: the Brower Clan
What: 5000 for Ali
Where: around town
When: mostly tuesdays and saturdays
Why: the entire brower family is supporting chris's amazing sister Ali while she is fighting, wait, no, more like pulverizing, B Cell Lymphoma by walking, running, riding, and/or swimming 5000 miles. 
How: We bike 2-3 miles together on saturday mornings and the kids run like crazy at soccer on tuesdays. we also do random other things throughout the week as well.

this is the look i received after accidentally pinching charlie's chin while putting on his helmet :(

we have had a blast coming up with ways to add up our miles (except for ellie, but we choose not to think about all the whining and complaining she does about being hot, tired, and thirsty-sometimes a parents job is to say, "suck it up, kiddo!"). we've played a bit of tennis along with our bike riding and jack is getting pretty good. it has been great talking with the kids about how the WHOLE family is doing this together and wearing our awesome shirts each saturday. i have overheard both jack and ellie telling friends at school how we are "riding for aunt ali"!


Rikki Browne said...

"Lets get the rhythm of the hot dog!" Oh my goodness, those skids are SO cute. I wish charlie wanted to cuddle with me as bad I as I want to squeeze and hug him.

Rachael Garner said...

Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun. Isn't ice blocking the best? Perfect family activity!

Larissa said...

Love ice blocking! Glad you guys found a place with ice blocks and had a great time. Our headless alien is in the same glass jar at our house. And I, too have pinch a few tender chins in helmet buckles- poor poor baby Char. Keep up the miles guys!

Steve and Donna said...

your family comes up with the most interesting activities- I can't wait to see the next adventure :)

Ali said...

THanks for all the love and support guys! YOU guys brought tears to my eyes. WE love you all and miss you all!

melissa said...

How fun! Great pictures of your cute kiddos!