Wednesday, October 10

the gathering of the clans

on monday evening the brower clan met up with 
the thompson clan,
the call clan,
and the two browne clans
for a spooktacular halloween evening. this is the 3rd year we've been able to get together and is quite a fun tradition!

jack loves being a vampire. he walked around the house saying, "i vant to vant your blood!".
and ellie made a beautiful cinder-ellie.

 jack chose donna to be our "pot belly".
the kids threw candy corns into her cauldron and whoever had the most, won.
ev won with 10 candies!

chris and i thought it would be great fun to play the oreo on the face game.
is there a real name for this game? no clue.
but since it is halloween i dubbed it Dragon Pox.
i thought this was HILARIOUS to watch. turns out its even funnier when you are playing!

the kids also participated in grandma's fishing pond and received many wonderful prizes, including these vampire teeth that posessed me to bite these sweet, succulent children.

 we had delicious chili, larissa's corn bread (which is the best in the whole world. just ask ellie and jack. seriously, they scream and dance when the hear she's made cornbread), tasty salad, jocob's blood punch, and caramel apples.


Steve and Donna said...

That Browne Clan is a fun bunch ;)

Larissa said...

dragon pox! loved it! thanks for your help that night