Saturday, November 23

a (last minute) halloween spooktacular!

with mom leaving for hawaii, us packing for the move and then visiting idaho, and bo and larissa's trip to puerto rico, we just didn't think we would have time for a halloween party. so we didn't plan on it. BUT, the desire was too strong! mom put together a last minute bash one night while bo and lari were gone. it was a success, although we did miss our traditional party with the thompsons.

we had mummy dogs and a witches brew. 
along with cheetos. these kids all love cheetos.

played pin the spider on the web

decorated monster cupcakes

and threw sticky eyeballs on the mummy

and of course, no browne halloween party is complete with out the oreo game. since I'm missing my family right now, i'll add the videos even though we are probably the only ones who enjoy them. but in case you enjoy watching others look like they are having a seizure (aka down right foolish), watch on...


Steve and Donna said...

awww... we missed our get together with you especially the oreo game but glad to see tradition lives on.

Larissa said...

laughing tears after that video!!

Chelsey Wilson said...

Y'all are so much fun! Congrats on your move and I hope you are happy there!