Thursday, November 21

Western Adventure 2013: BONE

we went up to uncle R's family farm in bone one afternoon.

the reason for our trip to the farm:

after a quick lesson on horses and how to act around and treat them, uncle R took them for a couple rides. at one point ellie was shaking, she was so excited!

possibly my favorite picture of the whole trip:

just chillaxin' with grandpa 

in the evening, uncle R built a bonfire and we roasted weenies and mallows and even had a chance to ride the 4 wheeler.

this girl could not have been any happier!

i mean seriously, how gorgeous is that?

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Larissa said...

Great place! Even though the only reason any one has ever heard of it is because you just wrote about it on your blog- ha ha. Way to go Jack and Ellie riding a horse!