Wednesday, November 6

Western Adventure 2013: IDAHO

oh idaho, 
how we love you.
if only you weren't so cold.
(for this florida girl, anyways)

the weather was actually pretty mild, thank goodness.
although we still ended up with chapped lips, bloody noses, and cracked hands.

we had several big family dinners.
and to me, that was the best part of the trip!
we have 

ellie is sure missing her grandma.
they made waffles together.

and grandpa took jack golfing.
grandpa told jack at one hole that if he made his long put, he'd pay him 5 bucks.
whelp, jack had a crisp 5 dollar bill in his pocket after that hole :)
he also landed a drive on the green of a par 3 that chris, reed, and grandpa didn't land.
thats my boy!

all our time focused around cousins!!!

the older girls were nice enough to paint ellie's nails, curl her hair, and dress her up one evening after dinner. she was in heaven with all the attention!

i spent an awesome afternoon with cathy making three flavors of Jeni's Ice Cream.
i love cathy and want to be her neighbor, if it weren't for the frigid temps ;)

sweet butter mint, buckeye state peanut butter, and a maple nut.
they were heavenly!

we celebrated our 9th anniversary (yahoo!) by going to the temple for an 8 o'clock session. it felt so good to be there together. we even visited all of the sealing rooms to find "our sealing room". its been remodeled and doesn't look the same, but it was still fun to see.

after the temple we went to Snakebite for lunch, which had been recommended by alli and jacob. it did not disappoint. the best blue cheese and green chili burger, onion rings, and chipotle fry sauce on the planet!

 one afternoon we got to cheer on the girls at their high school cross country meet.

jack was determined to rake the leaves in grandma and grandpa's backyard at 8 in the morning. it was 34 degrees out.

look at those chapped lips and pink nose!

we also celebrated jack's 7th birthday!!!
grandma took all the young cousins to 
Leo's Place for arcade games, a HUGE playground and pizza.
it was awesome!

while in idaho we visited Island Park, Rexburg and Bone. they were definitely highlights and deserve a separate post. 


Carolina said...

I totally thought you were sealed in Orlando. Family time is so fun! I love all the pictures!!

Melissa said...

I'm having terrible homesickness pains! Looks like you had so much fun. I can't believe Jack just turned 7! You have the cutest family. I miss you bunches!

Rachael Garner said...

Ditto Melissa!! Happy Birthday Jack ( a little late now). We miss you all! Glad you had a fun visit to Idaho!

Larissa said...

chapped lips and bloody noses- gotta love Idaho! so glad you got to try snakebite, it sounds amazing. And those ice-cream flavors- WOW!