Wednesday, November 6

Western Adventure 2013: UTAH

we have so much catching up to do.
we've made it to fort smith!
but before we get into our new adventures, i need to document our last adventure. 

this was probably my favorite family vacation ever!!!
because i have so many pictures to post, I'm not going to write too many of the details.

we flew into salt lake on october 18th.

visited the conference center

and the tabernacle

we took this picture April 11, 2007

and had to recreate it :)

i think we'll take another when jack is 17 too!

the salt lake temple

then we met up with chris' sister jenny and her awesome man eric, along with my best friends carrie and kersey, and their little fams, for este pizza and a park.

elliott is such a ham!
he and ellie clicked

this boy LOVES his pizza

 and jackson is the sweetest little guy ever. seriously, ever.

after we said our goodbyes, and i had a little cry in the car, we buzzed up to idaho. 
but not without stopping at the best, most luscious, velvety frozen custard place in bountiful! nielsen's, i miss your caramel cashew concretes already.

we'll save idaho for another couple posts.

we drove back to utah the following friday for lunch at the spaghetti factory at trolley square (a childhood favorite of the brower clan- very tasty!) with jen, eric, grandma, grandpa, corey, and nathan.
jenny had a birthday approaching and jack had just celebrated his, so they got the birthday treatment.

then we drove down south to catch cousin mateen's last football game of the season and some fall fun!

how gorgeous are these kids?!

we couldn't head down south without stopping in at the holy grail of hot dogs,
the real happiest place on earth,

 chris called up one of his boys who is attending BYU to meet up with us at jdawgs.
we love you hilo!
chris was hilo's YM president before he left for japan on his mission.

and that was just our visit to utah-
idaho is coming right up!


Carolina said...

This post made me hungry. Haha. The tabernacle looks awesome! I hope to see it someday.

Larissa said...

love that picture recreation with Jack and Chris, ha ha! you guys should do more of those!