Monday, November 14

exciting stuffs

exciting stuffs #1:

congratulations elder and sister brower!

mom and dad brower are at the MTC and will be heading back to ohio on the 17th. we couldn't be more proud of them and excited for this grand adventure! what a blessing it is to be able to show the kids how much their grandma janie and grandpa bart love the lord by serving as full-time missionaries! 
i know i have said this before, but i am so lucky to have the in-laws that i have... you couldn't ask for better. they are always great examples to me and i recognize how blessed i am to have them for my mom and dad.

exciting stuffs #2:

rikki b  photography 
has set-up shop at our local farmer's market at the promenade!
if you are in bonita on saturday mornings, you need to head on over and check it out.
nowhere else will you find such incredibly breathtaking photos of the bonita springs/estero area and at such a fantastic price!

also note-worthy, the farmer's market is now home to a couple food trucks too!
i feel like we have a little slice of the big city!!!
two weekends ago we had to test some cupcakes. ellie was taken by the sprinkles on a red velvet, jack was crazy for carrot cake and i went for a classic vanilla with a vanilla ganache on top.
 and this past weekend bo, lari, and i tested out some great pulled pork sliders and a turkey, brie, and apple panini. that stuff doesn't interest the kids, like it peaks our mature culinary palates, so they opted for some yummy kettle corn.
i think saturdays are going to be our favorite day of the week this fall season!

exciting stuffs #3:

the kids have now experienced the joy of churros.

exciting stuffs #4:

charlie had 4 teeth break through today. 
yes, 4!
and 2 of them were molars. 
poor little dude

he is also standing all on his own now. 
he better not even think about taking any steps...
this boy is growing up waaaaay too quickly!

exciting stuffs #5:

only 13 weeks till graduation!!!
the light at the end of the tunnel is getting so bright!
we are almost there
we think we can... we think we can... we think we can...


Steve and Donna said...

all this 'stuff' is exciting- it keeps us going to have a new adventure around the corner :)

Larissa said...

oh that little char! standing and 4 molars, he is growing up at super sonic speed. where did you get the churros?

B and T said...

How exciting that you only have 13 weeks to go! I imagine that it's like the last few weeks of pregnancy. Totally horrible, but so so worth it!