Sunday, November 27

this past week (aka: a week of pure gluttony)

we hope your thanksgiving was full of love, food, and drumsticks!
ours was...

larissa cooked the most beautiful bird. 
and he tasted even better than he looked

we also celebrated larissa's 27th birthday this week!!!
go 27 go!
rikki decorated the most beautiful table. it was fit for a wedding reception... not bbq pulled pork sandwiches like we had. oh well, nothing wrong with bbq-sauce fingerprints on glass goblets right?!
at least it was tasty and the birthday girl was happy

kandie and i tried to surprise lari with a get together at the park on her birthday, but weren't able to pull the wool over her eyes, she's too smart.
so instead we had an non-surprise get together at the park!

if you came, odds are good i have a picture of you (perhaps in mid-bite of a caramel apple!) or a little one that belongs to you, so scroll through and check it out!
thanks everybody for coming, it sure is fun to have great friends. if we end up moving in february i will definitely miss this group of buddies of mine! (hence all the pictures... for memories sake)

ellie and ev are best little buds.
i thought i captured such a sweet little moment of theirs and afterwards asked ellie what they were doing in these pictures.
"looking at dog poop." was her reply.


Prescott Family said...

Oh how we miss all our Florida friends! These pictures make me so homesick for you guys! Hope you are doing good. You are so close to graduation!! Hang in there:)

Melissa said...

I love your drumstick headbands! Larissa's turkey looks awesome. May I just say that the Browne family get-togethers always look so amazing. Here's hoping you get to stay. We wouldn't have nearly as much fun without you

Amy said...

I love the family picture. How did you get Chris to wear that for a picture? Not sure Tyler would. Good Work.

Larissa said...

dogpoop- charming! That was quite the fun non-surprise party, thanks! I love that pic of Char in front of someones legs, of course, I think I love every picture of Charlie I've ever seen.

Rikki Browne said...

Very VERY cute pics... DANG IT! I could've used those for my latest "project". :(

Steve and Donna said...

another Brower creative moment- who would have ever thought of drumstick head gear? I think you should patent it :)