Tuesday, November 1

the second best day of our lives...

to celebrate the best day of our lives
(our anniversary)
chris and i finally made it to the 
wizarding world of harry potter
(aka the second best day of our lives)

after griping so much about not going, and then telling chris about a miracle of having a snowy white owl fly over my head one evening and whispering to me, "why haven't you come?" (it happened, i swear!), i told chris it was his job to make it happen. and a week later, we were there! i sure love that man of mine!

the three broomsticks



official ($7) pumpkin juice


notice the dragon in the wizards hands! eeek, i love it!!

we asked some employees to take our picture in front of the three broomsticks and they thought we meant with them. that made us laugh. but what made us laugh even harder is that chris put his arm around her instead of me for the picture! so so funny!

official ($10 w/ mug)
frozen butter beer!!!

oh yeah,
worth every penny!
refills weren't outrageous, so that was awesome.

we picked up a chocolate frog, ton-tongue-toffee, an acid pop, a cauldron cake, and a few lollipops at honeydukes.

while we were there, the witch at the register asked us if we were celebrating anything and we told her it was our 7th anniversary. she said congrats and then proceeded to yell very loudly to the shop, "attention all witches, wizards, and muggles, chris and lisa are celebrating their 7th anniversary in hogsmeade today! lets hear a congratulations!" and everyone clapped and chris raised his butter beer mug. here here!
we found out she did this to anyone celebrating anything... even the purchase of pigmy puffs :)

the constipation sensation thats gripping the nation

cauldron cakes

we spent seven blissful hours at the park and headed home to three happy little babes waiting for us with grandma. it was perfection!


Amy said...

Lucky. How fun. I loved the pics or your kids Halloween costumes, and I love that you had them pic something from the box. I like your simple way of thinking.

Melissa said...

I am so glad you got to go! It makes me smile to think about you being in Harry Potter World--seeing how you are Harry Potter's biggest fan. Yay for Harry Potter and for being married for 7 years! Not necessarily in that order though

Carolina said...

Aaahhh! I Read this twice!! I also laughed pretty hard at your picture with the famous three broomsticks employee. Hahahahahhahahaha. When you die Lisa, I'm pretty sure your heaven will be set up like Harry potter world. :-) one can only hope, right?

Kandie said...

I too laughed out loud when I saw and read about the pic with employee and chris' arm around her. so funny. you took some great pictures. I was even there, but I think your pictures were even better than the real thing. Didn't you just love the music playing while walking around I think it helped with the mood. I am so glad you were able to go and for such a special occasion too. Happy 7 years. The best is yet to come.

Steve and Donna said...

I think you liked this place and of course Chris went along to keep you company (hah). Glad you got a break- thanks to G.ma

Kayla said...

That looks like sooooo much fun and I really want to go now! And thanks for the postcard. It totally made my day! Oh and one more thing...your handwriting is the CUTEST! :)

Larissa said...

Thanks for taking such fantastic pictures of every little detail, I feel like I'm not missing out at all! Except I can't wait to taste a real butterbeer someday. We are so glad you guys went! Happy Happy Happy Anniversary

Kiirstin said...

HOLY CRAP I'm soooo JEALOUS!! That looks like the most awesome place on Earth!

Kate said...

You lucky girl! I could never in a trillion years get my Chris to go there. Maybe if I ever make it to Florida I'll have to drag YOU along with me!

And yes, that picture of you guys with the employee is hysterical.

Bloom Family said...

Okay, that pic with the employee ... so funny laughing out loud right now! You make me very excited about my trip in a couple months!

apriddis said...

This post was awesome!!! All the pictures of Chris totally cracked me up. You can just see in his face that he is humoring you by doing all these silly. What a great guy! So fun!!!