Tuesday, November 1

Hillsborough State Park

browne family camping trip
october 28-30 2011

we headed up north, just outside of tampa, this past weekend for some fun family camping!
i decided to go without chris, (who had tests and was on call for work), with two wild preschoolers and one sick baby. 
charlie has had an ear infection for almost two weeks, had a fever, and a runny nose. 
but was i going to let that stop me? no!
we had a lot of fun roasting marshmallows, going on bike rides, swimming in a frigid 72 degree natural spring, and cooking yummy meals over a crackling fire.

and i learned something important:
i absolutely love camping.
and i love my kids.
but i realized this weekend that
i don't love camping with my kids!

am i allowed to admit that?!

the kids had a blast and i hope its something they remember for a long long long time, because I'm not braving it again any time soon. everyone, meaning bo, larissa, mom, dad and rikki, all helped SO much and i truly appreciate them making things so enjoyable for jack and ellie.
we had a lot of fun once the kids were all asleep and i wish those couple hours could have lasted much much longer. i love being with the family!

i was so busy with the little brutes that i didn't even bother taking any pictures. here are some that rikki took and i stole from her Facebook page.

charlie and ellie's first time in a trailer.
they loved it and it was much easier to pull than i had anticipated (except when the wind is in your face, yowzers!)

love this one of grandpa spraying jack in the face!

ferris groves
world famous fresh strawberry milkshakes

so tasty, we couldn't even wait to get a before shot!

rainbow springs

only lari, everett, and jack were brave enough to endure the cold water at rainbow springs and swim with the fish. it stays at 72 degrees year-round. BRRRR!

after being at camp for, oh, not even an hour, jack had an accident and pooped his pants.
what the?! where did that come from?!
 he has never had accidents and yet he craps his pants the second we go camping!
well, he did it again the next day and ellie even pee-peed in her sleeping bag the second night we were there. because it was so cold, she had to snuggle in my bag with me, while charlie couldn't breathe because he was so congested. it could possibly have been the longest night of my life.... and our neighbors too I'm sure :) i missed my chris more than words can say. somehow things like that don't seem so bad when your hubby is with you.
BUT we survived and i'm so glad we did it!


Larissa said...

let the record show that sophie was brave enough to swim in the springs too- not that she had a choice. We had a great time and would love to go camping again with you guys- Chris included because I know the cooking would be even more delicious!

Jenn said...

You are amazing! My girls are 10, 12, and 14 and there's no way I'd even attempt that without my trusty hubby by my side.
P.S. Those milkshakes look amazing! :)

Steve and Donna said...

camping with wildlife- I mean your kids is hard. You must be ready for anything (hah).

Carolina said...

Oh my! I don't think I would have survived a night like that in my home, let alone in the wild outdoors! I'm way impressed. It looks like you guys had an awesome time though. I love all of the shots with grandpa and grand kids!

B and T said...

I am laughing so hard I'm crying. Sorry it was such a rough night. All in the name of good memories right?!

Kandie said...

oh man oh man..... I hear you girl!!! After these last few trips with all kids and no husband I am learning I don't go anywhere with out him if possible. You make me laugh so hard though. Just ask steve he thought I was crazy in the office laughing at the comp. You make me happy and i love listening to your stories. Your family is one special bunch.