Tuesday, November 8

tis the season to be...


trying to teach ellie and jack the importance of this holiday.
it really bothers me that more emphasis isn't placed on thanksgiving.
what's more important then recognizing all we have been given from our loving Father in Heaven? when i do, things in life seem so much more full and rich.

we don't have any decorations for this time of year except for some gourds on our table left over from october, so i whipped up this banner last night. we're trying not to spend money on so many little things, so i used some old stripped wrapping paper left over from santa last year, card stock, and some twine. nothing fancy, but a good reminder for the month.
i love banners because they can be stored nice and flat, but can still add a punch to the festivities.
we strung it up before jack went to school and they are both pretty excited.
i hope this year they will understand a little better why we give thanks and who we give thanks to. 

right now, i'm feeling quite grateful for this little dude


Steve and Donna said...

your little dude is adorable :)
so is your banner

Carrie said...

Oh I just love him! He probably brings joy to everyone around him! I agree on Thanksgiving. It's ironic that such an important thing in our lives as giving thanks is passed up by a holiday about receiving... I love Thanksgiving!

Rikki Browne said...

I'm thankful for every time I pull up and see the cherry pearl in the driveway when I get home from work! I know my friends are inside waiting to say hello : )

Bloom Family said...

I totally agree. Santa was riding his boat into Bass Pro shop last Saturday and lighting there big tree. It would be fun ... but I just couldn't support Christmas starting so early. :) Love your banner.

Melissa said...

Oh my word! Have I ever told you how stinking cute Charlie is? That video just made my day. And you are amazing that you can make such a cute banner out of everyday things.