Tuesday, November 1

halloween 2011

jack was able to dress up for preschool. they were asked to dress up as their favorite character from a book. jack chose mr. brown from dr. seuss' 
mr. brown can moo! can you?
i thought he looked so great. he practiced the sounds in the book over and over so that he would be ready to read it to his class.
i was pretty lazy this halloween season and didn't make or buy any thing for costumes besides making jacks hat and tie for mr. brown. in fact, i was such a bum that i didn't even dress charlie up for trick or treating! ah well, next year.

for halloween night i decided to let the kids put together whatever they wanted out of our stash of halloween costumes from previous years. jack was all about being as scary as possible. he made it a goal to scare "the little kids"... how thats possible when he's still a little one himself, I'm not quite sure. 
this is what they decided on:

a pink fairy

jack practiced saying 
"i vant to suck your blood"
all. day. long.

 the kids had a great time trick or treating and we didn't get a huge amount of candy, thank goodness. jack caught the bug though and kept wanting to try one more house :)
here are random pictures that made me laugh


Larissa said...

he certainly scared us!

Steve and Donna said...

love those faces :)

Unknown said...

How did you make the hat?! So cute.