Tuesday, October 25

book club

i love book club.
i love halloween.
and when the two coincide, 
life couldn't be any better.

we just finished reading "the hound of the baskervilles" and i highly recommend it. it was a fast, very entertaining, little thriller perfect for this haunting season and larissa and i couldn't help but dress up for our book club meeting tonight.
she's the escaped convict and i am, well, look at me. i'm sherlock holmes of course.... without the pipe.... or the hat... or the detective brains....
im so glad she's willing to have fun like that because it sure makes things more exciting!


Steve and Donna said...

now we could have dressed up like that last night :)
you two are crazy but fun....

Larissa said...

i can't believe you let me that close to you with a knife.